ABOUT Simpli jessi

Hello!  I'm Jessi.  I'm an interior designer, artist, illustrator, doll maker, painter, yarn fanatic and lots of other artistic-type things. I'm originally from Royal Oak, Michigan and now live in England with my husband.  Here I write about life, work, and inspiration.    

I started Simpli Jessi in 2007 to showcase my line of handmade dolls.  Making things by hand is absolutely what it's all about for me!  I am inspired from my childhood, from traveling, from meeting different people and from collecting stories.

a few other things:

I live for nature, home cooking, and yoga!  I love to organize and clean, and do laundry (I know, kind-of strange ).  I'm often running just a little bit late, and I enjoy nothing more than listening to good music, having a good belly laugh and reading.  I'm a huge tea drinker, and I dream of having the time for a doggy one day. 

Welcome to my site!