This week in photos

We had a lovely week: beautiful weather, visiting friends (both human and furry) and the fete (fair) came to town!

  1. The pirates are coming! 
  2. A stroll through London, we celebrated our wedding day at this restaurant.
  3. Reminiscing: the park I used to hang out in w/my flat mates when I studied in London.
  4. Surprise flowers from my love.
  5. Knitting braids.
  6. Staying cozy in the chilly evenings.
  7. The fete in our village setting up.
  8. Otis + Millie, new furry friends.
  9. Low tide.
  10. Dancing birds during the fete parade.
  11. Tower Bridge at night.
  12. My favorite time of the day.
  13. A rusted roof along the quay.
  14. Seaside villas.