This week in photos

  1. Borough Market - It must be said, this is one of my top spots in London so far.  My mom made a short visit last week, and we spent it here, picking up all sorts of goodies.
  2. Golden grass - I stopped to snap the photo and it sounded like a huge animal was nestled inside.....I didn't stay too long.  Ha!
  3. My very first sourdough bread.  Made with my very own sourdough starter.  Have you tried this?  This is the recipe I used.
  4. A little sight seeing with my mom - Inside Tower of London.
  5. Moss.
  6. Autumn Flowers.
  7. Homemade pizza - with my sourdough starter for the was delish!
  8. Old boat crane.
  9. Sorry no buggys.
  10. These smell so fragrant this time of year, like apple cider.
  11. Guy Fawkes is always watching.
  12. Sunset from our window.