A trip to the wool shop + New projects

log cabin wool shop
baby cardigan
circle scarf

Hey guys!  It's officially holiday season here in England.  I love this time of year, getting cozy under blankets, the smell of slow cooked meals, sipping on hot tea, time for rejuvenating and lots of knitting....perfection.

For a while now I've been wanting to try my hand at my first knit cardigan.  Since we are living in the countryside, and a lot of the wool shops have closed from the high street, I had to do some research to find one nearby.  And what I found was no let down!  Simply called The Log Cabin Wool Shop.  With a bit of a journey from our village, my husband and I packed ourselves in the car, and headed out to find it.

Side note: I really need to give my husband props for mastering the driving around here (as I've yet to get behind the wheel).  With the amount of round-a-bouts (which are never clearly marked...GPS likes to tell you "take the 4th exit in the round-a-bout"  we find ourselves counting out loud in unison, as they don't have any signage to tell you which one is which.  Really it feels like a constant guessing game....only to find that there are 3 exits in that particular round-a-bout! haha - go figure!), driving a manual on the opposite side, understanding the parking situation on the sides of streets...I feel a post about the driving is a brewing.  Haha.   

Anyway... back to it: After following our GPS and winding our way back and forth through the countryside, enjoying the occasional glimpse of a sheep bum, an hour later we find it!  Located right off the road, you enter what appears to be a private residence.  Without any signage to direct us what to do (a reoccurring theme), I knock at the front door of the estate.  Turns out, it truly is a private residence.  Oops.  A really kind gentleman tells us to follow a narrow path which leads back behind the house.  To our surprise we find two adorable shops nestled into the wooden barn-like structure.  As if you've happened upon a hobbit home, or Ollivander's Wand Shop.  Complete with the oh-so-charming, too-short doorway.  I enter mouth agape like a small child waiting for her next bite of ice cream.  Floor to ceiling wool bursting at the seams!  The ladies inside were so friendly and helpful.  I left with my arms full of wool, and a great big smile on my face. 

The plan was to knit myself a cardigan.  Ha-ha...well, that didn't exactly work out.  Unfortunately, I didn't gauge the amount of yarn I needed properly.  Instead, I decided to downsize and create my first baby cardigan!  The wool I purchased: Sulka Mirasol (a blend of Alpaca, Merino Wool & Silk) and it is simply divine!  With quite a bit leftover, I plan to make a few more for the shop.  I also managed a circle scarf I'm planning to give as a holiday gift. 

Oh England, so many things to love about you.  So many things still to learn.