Baby Boy

baby boy.jpg

One of my dearest friends found out recently that she's having a baby boy.  I am so excited for her and her family.  As a special treat for her, I've promised to share some baby inspiration on the blog.  To get started, here are a few of my favorite little man items:

  • a. I adore wooden toys, and so did my brother.  30 years later, he still has his wooden trucks (not that he still plays with them, but you know what I mean..haha) - they last forever.  Check out these beauties: handmade wooden toy jeep
  • b. These baby oxfords are so sweet at Dolly by Le Petit Tom
  • c. Soft ombre trousers at Orfeo
  • d. Dancing bears print from Amber Alexander
  • e. Felt cabin and trees by Intres
  • f. Naturally, a snuggly Simpli Jessi bear ;)
  • g. I love the natural look of these blankets by Texturable
  • h. How fun is this felt campfire? A must-have for living room cushion/blanket forts (one of my favorite things to do as a child)! by Hope Well Creek
  • i. Good looking/comfortable rockers seem a hard find.  This one from Anthropologie isno longer available, bummer.  This one seems to come close: Empire Rocker
  • j. I just bought some beautiful alpaca yarn to knit up some baby sweaters for the shop, this one is definitely adorable: chunky cardigan

For more inspiration, you can follow my 'little ones' board on Pinterest!