This Week in Photos

The sun is setting at 3:30pm here, so the days are feeling very short.  Here are a few things happening during these dark days:

  1. I'm working on my first cardigan!  This is the pattern I'm using. 
  2. Custom doll orders are in, lots of sewing and stitching around here.  I found the cutest little haberdashery shop in our village...I'm so happy I can walk to pick up fabrics and bits and pieces.   
  3. My husband started pickling!  Guys, you have to try this recipe...these pickles will change your life. Ha-ha!
  4. I've been roasted lots of veggies then whizzing them into soups...soul food. 
  5. I'm still trying to sneak in walks before the sun goes down.  Some days I'm not successful, but I'm trying.  ;)