A New Adventure

I am so excited to be sharing this new journey with you all.  Before I begin, I'm sure there are a few of you out there that are wondering...what on earth are you talking of with this journey business.  Yes indeed, so let me fill you in.  About 8 months ago, my husband was offered a job in England, and with lots of persuasion (nah....not really) we decided to go for it!  He headed off first to get things set up for us in the UK, while I wrapped up things in Michigan (sold our house, sold our cars, sold all our furniture, shipped a small container, left my job, friends and family) and set off with 4 over packed suitcases for the journey across the Atlantic.  Ha!  That's the short version.  So here we are, in a small seaside village in Essex on this brand new life adventure.  A bit bewildered, excited, and well... still trying to understand the English language apparently. 

So there you have it.  And now that I'm a bit of a vagabond, I couldn't think of a better way than submerging myself into my work.  Oh how long I've been dreaming of living in Europe, having loads of time to focus on my work, and well.....who knows what else.  Hurray to it all!  So come along for the journey!  Let's have some fun.  ;)