Wild Foraging

We (my husband and I) have been walking so much here in England, can't tell you how lovely the countryside is for the soul.  This is a snapshot of our weekend hike along River Crouch.  We did 10 miles on Saturday alone.  Ooooh...I am feeling it.  During the hike we found wild blackberry bushes and lots of other edible items we thought we knew about (but weren't 100% sure, and weren't really in the mood to get sick, ha)...so decided to just gather the blackberries, and head back to the flat to do some research into wild foraging.  Let me tell you, there was a lot of excitement in the flat that evening!  It's the simple things for us apparently....Haha.    

So...looks like we have found: Nettles, Rosehips, Chamomile, Rowan, Fennel, Crab Apples, and loads of Blackthorn (Sloe) Berries!  I am so excited to make jams, teas and other goodies with our wild foraging picks, and share the recipe's w/you soon.  Better get me wellies on and get a foraging!

Foraging Check List:

1. Autumn Foraging for beginners.

2. Pretty sure I just found an amazing recipe for the blackberries. Yep I did.

3. These boots would work nicely I think.

4. And this oversized cardigan...very cute. (Although maybe not so great with the pickers on the bushes). 

5. A basket to help collect all the goodies.