Knitting Pattern


I'm happy to share that the Etsy shop is officially open!  While I'm still waiting to welcome all the dolls and other knitted creatures that I had to ship overseas (they should be arriving next Friday if all goes to plan)......I have decided to sell some of my knitting patterns!  First up, Tibo the Bear.  I'm working on a few others to come shortly.  In the meantime, Tibo will keep an eye on the shop.  Come on little guys...please get here safe and without mildew or moths (this happened to someone I know...that is, there were moths and mildew in their boxes of clothes when they shipped across the Atlantic).  Ha.....great.  Really makes one feel at ease, eh?   

A few things that are happening around here:

1. Loving this song right now.    

2. There aren't any yoga studios in this village we're in.  Big bummer.  Instead, I'm on day 16 of 30 days of yoga with Adriene

3. I received the best surprise gift in the post yesterday from some friends in Michigan.

4. Finished reading this book.    

5. I am stalking this watch.  So Lovely.