DIY Palette Jewelry Holder

This is by far one of my favorite pieces.  This was a collaboration with my friend Alina last summer.  We were looking for a fun project to do together...and we were both looking for a really smart way to organize our jewelry.  Presto!  The DIY palette jewelry holder was born.  It definitely took a bit of elbow grease, and some good laughs, but in the end we were so happy!  Here is how we did it:

1. Keep your eyes peeled for discarded wooden palettes!  Once we started looking, they were everywhere.  We ended up finding our palette's at a dumpster.  Our goal was to find ones that were a bit beat up and old. 

2. Rip those bad boys apart.  This was not an easy task.  I'll admit we didn't really plan ahead here.  Thanks to my father, his workshop, and some major muscle power, we were able to dismantle them.  A few good pieces were broken in the process, so make sure you have some extra wood handy.  Here are some good tips on how to take palette's apart.  We didn't sand or refinish the palette wood, just left it natural and rustic.    

3. Lay out your design.  Make sure to measure the space on your wall first.  In this case my jewelry holder measures 36" wide x 30" tall.  We laid out our favorite boards to create the back panel, and then framed around the perimeter with thin pieces. All of these pieces were secured with wood glue in-between and a nails around the perimeter.

4. Lay out the interior.  I decided to keep a lot of the back panel clear, with a few shelves, and one little cubby.  Again, wood glue and nails were used to secure the pieces.   

5. Horseshoe nails for hanging (earrings, rings, etc.).  Alina found an amazing collection of horseshoe nails for us at a local horse supply store near her house, but you can find them online too.  These were spread evenly across the back panel and nailed in.  We both drilled small holes first to help the nails go in easier and to prevent splitting of the wood.

6. Steel plumbing pipe for hanging.  For long necklaces and bangles, we decided to attach plumbing pipe to the bottom of the piece.  It took us quite some time wandering around the hardware store to figure this bit out.  But it works so perfect with the rustic look of the palette wood.  You can find steel pipe at most hardware stores.  We washed it up in warm soapy water and it was ready to go!

7. Finished!  Your piece is ready for the good stuff.  I also added a pieces of natural cork to the upper left for stud earrings.  Fill in all your jewelry and hang it on the wall.  We used a Z-clip to attach to the wall for added strength.  It does have some weight to it.  And now all our jewelry is on display!  It's so fun looking at it all, and we're both wearing so much more of our pieces, now that we can actually see what we have!