New: Limited Edition Dolls!


I'm thrilled to share with you a new feature coming to the shop: Limited Edition Dolls!   Every few months, I'll be creating a very small collection of dolls inspired by artists, famous figures or fictional characters.  Each doll will be signed and numbered and available for sale in the shop.  I'll be sending posts out through the blog and on FB when they're ready. 

This month's collection? An artist I have always admired: Frida Kahlo.  Just before I came to the UK, I had the chance to visit the Diego & Frida exhibit at the DIA in Detroit.  Her small paintings were (in my opinion) more powerful and captivating than the enormous drawings that overshadowed her by Diego...and I secretly wished the exhibit was more focused on Frida.  But I've always been a bit biased.  So, when I thought about this special collection of dolls, she was the inspiration to start.  My tribute to a beautiful woman of honesty, strength and inspiration.    

Let me know if you have any ideas for a special collection!  I would love to hear your ideas or requests!