A Picture to Remember

I've been wanting to create a piece of art from the village where we are living in England.  At first I though I would do a painting of the landscape...but somehow I haven't felt motivated to pull out all my paitns.  This is our first time living on the water, and I knew I wanted to capture it in some way.  Fabric seemed just the ticket to get me motivated.  Here is what I created.  One of my favorite views in Burnham.  I have walked this path so many times, I'm so glad I captured it.  

Get Yo Mittens On!

I know weather is warming up in a lot of areas, time for flip flops and t-shirts!  Naturally, it's the time when I finish a few pairs of mittens I've been working on the last few months.  I'm always ahead of the game...what can I say.  ;)  Anyway, if your still feeling a bit of chill, there are a few pairs for sale in the shop now!  Yay for mittens! 


Remember me telling you I was working on my first cardigan?  Well, here it is, all finished.  It was a labor of love, but it is warm and cozy and without any flaws, hurrah!  Now I'm packing it up to send over the Atlantic to a very special new owner.

What to make next?  I think I'm going to work on some more mittens, mixing up some new patterns.  Stay tuned!