Shipping + New Makeup

afterglow cosmetics

I've been waiting to write about some new makeup for a few weeks now.  The reason for waiting you ask?  Well, I was patiently waiting to receive the makeup in the post for starters.  Not that Afterglow was slow.  Oh no, not at all.  In fact, everything I'm about to share is top ratings for Afterglow!  The story get's really good when I tell you about my experiences living in a small village at the edge of this island here in England. 

To begin, let's talk about Afterglow.  As you know I struggle with food allergies and makeup is no exception when it comes to being cautious about what I put on my skin.  I found Afterglow when I was still in the US.  As it's based in the UK, I was excited to give it a go once I got here.  Afterglow is free of many of the synthetics, preservatives, bismuth oxychloride, petro-chemical, dyes and fillers found in traditional cosmetics.  Not to mention, most of their products are free of soy, gluten, nuts, and sesame.  Yay!  They also disclose all of the ingredients in their products.  I decided to try: Organic infused pure soul mascara, Infused foundation, Eco eye shadow, Glow bronzer, and Lip love lipstick.   

I really love the products so far.  Especially the eye shadow and lipstick.  The mascara did give me a little bit of irritation when I removed it in the evening.  Overall, I'm really happy with them.

Now, on to the shipping/delivery fiasco.  All was well when I placed my order back on the 28th of September.  Afterglow sent me a confirmation of my order, and shipment.  I paid for standard delivery (typically 3 business days).  I forgot about it for a few days, went on with life, and then at about day 14, and no parcel, I realize something is fishy.  I contact Afterglow to see what may have happened.  They were super speedy, contact the post on my behalf, and send me an email that states the post "tried" to deliver my parcel 3 days after I placed purchase.  So why didn't I have it you ask?  Hmmm...good question.

Nice Afterglow requests they re-deliver.  I receive an email confirmation of the date.  So, I wait patiently at home on the day confirmed.  Cancelling plans we had, I wait and wait.  Finally the post lady arrives on our street.  And to my dismay, I watch her walk right past our door.  Nothing.  Ok.  Hmmm.  Interesting. 

So that day, I march my happy self to the post office to see if I can get to the bottom of this.  There was never a slip left at our flat of an attempted delivery.  Nothing.  The nice lady behind the partial plexi-glass window tells me "Oh I'm so glad you came in, we do have a parcel for you here for WEEKS!" 

Interesting, I think.  And proceed to ask, why I haven't been notified.  She tells me, that "In theory, the delivery folks should leave a note, but it doesn't always happen"  And adds: "If you are expecting a parcel, you really should stop in here to see if we have it." 

Ok.  New methods of how to receive mail noted.  Patience observed.  Learning something new every day.  Making progress.  ;)


Living with food allergies - Cosmetics

As a follow up to my first post about living with food allergies.  Here are some of my absolute favorite natural cosmetics - all of which I use on a daily basis! 

1. Pit Cream.  That's right, natural deodorant.  This was a really tricky one.  I must have tried nearly a dozen different natural deodorants.  But this gem from Fat and the Moon is by far the absolute best I've ever used.  It lasts all day long.  Even if you do a bit of exercise.  I started with their original deodorant cream, and had a bit of sensitivity, so I made my way over to the sensitive...and what can I say?  Perfection. 

2. Organic Hemp Oil.  This is my favorite way to moisturize my body.  Not only is it super high in omega fatty acids, it relieves dry skin, feels light and soft on the skin, has a lovely smell....the list goes on.  Not only do I use this oil on my body, but I eat it too!  I love to use this oil on salads!  Currently I use Good Oil Organic Hemp Oil.  A good trick if you struggle to find clean organic oils in cosmetic sections at stores as I do, is to take a stroll down the grocery isle.  That's where I find mine!  I mean, if you can eat can definitely put it on your skin!  Not into hemp?  Avocado oil is another one of my favorites! 

3. Cold Pressed Raw Organic Coconut Oil.  It's a mouthful I know... but oh my love.  I am using this in so many ways.  Where do I begin?   I cook with it, use it as a moisturizer, an ingredient in my homemade chap balms, and for oil pulling to name a few.  Check out Wellness Mama's 101 uses for a load of other ideas.     

4. Chap Balm.  I adore homemade chap balm for my lips.  With the food allergies, finding a chap stick that didn't give me a rash was hard.  So I did a little internet searching and found some amazing recipes.  It's fun, easy and doesn't take much time at all once you locate the ingredients and containers.  I use raw coconut oil, beeswax, mango butter and eucalyptus oil for mine.  But there are so many variations you can make.  Check out Wellness Mama's Chap Recipe for tips.   

5. Raw Skin Food.  Allergen free face care.  This was probably my most joyful find.  Located in London, (but ships worldwide) Raw Skin Food creates collections of cleansing milks, toners and moisturizing balms.  Overnight I watched a transformation occur on my face from using these products.  You can select the collection that best suits your face type.  I use the MAB Fab collection.  Joy!          

6. Lip & Cheek Stain.  While I'm still hunting for allergen free eye makeup, this lip and cheek stain from Fat and the Moon is so magical!  It's light, natural, and looks perfect on the skin.